Transform employee retention, improve profitability, and spur growth with our unique, powerful emotion-science.

What motivates your employees at a deep level?

Brand Aura custom research can uncover the deep emotions that motivate your employees. What do they work for? Or for whom? What are they hoping to gain? What are they looking to prove? What pushes them to keep going? What gives meaning to their life?

Their motivations can be surprising. And not what you think. To manage them, you need to know what makes them tick. Our emotion-science research can help you know.

How do your people feel about their employee experience?

What is it like working for your company? Is it uplifting? Affirming? Empowering? Educational? Forward-thinking? Collaborative? Supportive? Or is it too stressful? Political? Restrictive? Or draining? Is something missing and they, and you, aren’t sure what?

Brand Aura custom research can uncover the deep feelings that employees have about working for your company. It can be scary stuff. It can also be enlightening, exhilarating, empowering, and your first step toward transforming your culture.

What are the retention factors that influence employees to want to stay with, or leave, your company?

Brand Aura can help you find out. We’ve identified 57 Retention Influence Factors across 8 categories — Stability & Security, Compensation, Workplace, Perks, Recognition, Company Leadership, Personal Role, and Relationships & Climate. Our custom research can help you to uncover which factors are most and least important for your employees. It’s part of our proprietary Cultural Retention Index.

It’s incredible learning. It’s in our reports. But we can produce it specifically for your employees with custom research.

Learn the unique differences in emotional needs by segment.

Brand Aura can help you know the differences in all of the above data (employee motivation, employee experience, and employee retention influence factors) by segment. Common segments include gender, job role, and age range, but we can also show differences for personality type (Extroverts vs. Introverts) or virtually any other representative criteria. Differences by segment are significant; you’ll want to know them.

Differences by Gender

Differences by Job Role

Differences by Age Range

Differences by Personality Type

Uncover the hidden emotional drivers of employee behavior and improve multiple areas of your business.


Know which compensation strategies, benefits, perks, end equity awards matter most — for each employee segment. Target your investments where they’ll create the highest likelihood of employee retention.



Provide your leadership team, managers, and workforce with targeted training and approaches that can improve employee engagement and retention. Avoid mishaps that put retention and the company at risk.



Address employee concerns regarding workplace safety, productivity, environment, location, and hours. Learn preferences by personality type (introverts, extroverts), gender, and job role.



Know which acknowledgements, recognition, and participation opportunities are most important for each employee segment. Understand how best to shape and communicate the company’s mission and values.



Develop ideal profiles for each job role by learning the characteristics of those who are the most emotionally engaged. Build recruiting, hiring, and onboarding strategies that satisfy the emotional needs of your ideal personas.



Take better care of your customers and raise customer satisfaction scores with a more engaged, committed workforce. Most employees have an innate desire to serve. Harness that for the betterment of your customers.


Brand Aura Custom Research can help you move from cultural and business uncertainty to confidence and peace-of-mind.

Losing Key Employees Creates Cultural and Business Uncertainty

  • You may be losing key people
  • Employee experience is falling short — as both a cause and effect
  • Loss of key people is disruptive to your business
  • Business climate is less stable, company culture is at risk
  • Recruiting and replacement costs increase
  • Higher costs challenge profitability
  • Growth is slowed from lack of business continuity and cultural cohesiveness
  • You may feel out-of-touch with your employees’ experience
  • You may feel uncertain about your business culture and stability


  • Research recommendations are used to significantly improve employee experience
  • Employee retention is improved
  • Company culture is strengthened
  • Business climate becomes more stable
  • Lower recruiting costs improve profitability
  • More stable foundation spurs growth
  • You’re tuned in to what employees are feeling
  • You gain business confidence and peace-of-mind
  • You know you’re doing the right thing for your company, and your people

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