Brand Aura is a unique digital marketing agency that can help your startup, small business, or nonprofit to grow. Significantly.

We’re not like a traditional agency with lots of staff and overhead to fund. We offer an affordable suite of digital marketing services which you can choose separately or as a turnkey package. This lets you focus on what you do best — studying your market, improving your products, and working with customers — while we handle as much of the marketing as you need.

Our digital marketing services for small business include:

  • Brand and product strategy — we don’t charge separately for this, it’s an amazing benefit built into the work we do for you;
  • Website design and development — we develop or rebuild your website in WordPress, the secure open-source platform used by millions of companies;
  • Content creation and management — we can create or edit as much, or as little, of your content as needed so it tells your story and drives free search traffic;
  • Marketing automation — we’ll set you up with SharpSpring, a powerful, affordable marketing automation, email marketing, and sales automation (CRM) platform that’s a fraction of the cost of enterprise-class alternatives;
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) — we’ll build your content and SEO strategy, execute it for you, and call in more SEO resources to power you further when you’re ready;
  • Online advertising management — Brand Aura can manage all of your online advertising efforts from a single SharpSpring console including Google AdWords, Facebook, and more.


Here are a few examples of our website development and rebranding work.


Enterprise-Class Marketing Automation at a Small Business Price

A core element of our digital marketing services for small business is marketing automation. Brand Aura is a Silver Certified SharpSpring Marketing Automation agency. SharpSpring is marketing automation software that offers enterprise-class capabilities, but at an affordable small business price.

Full Service at a Wholesale Price

Because Brand Aura is a Silver Certified SharpSpring digital agency, we can deliver SharpSpring for a much lower monthly cost than if you purchased it direct. We can set up everything for you, train your people, and even manage it if you like.

With SharpSpring, we can integrate your CRM, shopping cart, email marketing, Web analytics, Google AdWords, online retargeting, content management, social media, blogs, landing pages, forms, meeting scheduling, and buyer personas in one simple, visual interface. 

We’re happy to provide a no-pressure demo.


Easy-to-Use CRM Plus Powerful Sales Automation

Our digital marketing services for small business include SharpSpring Sales Automation and CRM. You’ll get sophisticated CRM capabilities at an affordable price, including:

  • Dynamic, visual, opportunity pipeline analysis;
  • Real-time revenue forecasts for any time period, and any number of sales reps;
  • Lead history showing each contact’s engagement actions with your brand;
  • Automated sales followup, notifications, client communication, and meeting scheduling.

SharpSpring Sales Automation and Marketing Automation are fully integrated in one easy-to-use application. Brand Aura is a Silver Certified SharpSpring agency. We’ll set up your sales automation, and we can even manage it for you.


As part of our digital marketing services for small business, Brand Aura offers expert consumer research using emotion-science techniques. We can help you learn the hidden emotional drivers of customer or employee behavior.

What are the real motivations of first-time buyers in your category? Brand Aura Customer Acquisition Research can help you know.

Why did your customers originally sign with you, and what will make them want to stay? Learn more about Brand Aura Customer Retention Research.

What are the factors that cause employees to want to stay with, or leave, your organization? Brand Aura Employee Retention Research offers groundbreaking methods for evaluating employee motivation, experience, and retention factors.

Brand Aura uses ethical, non-invasive, privacy-protected techniques to gather qualitative marketing research insights from willing participants. We create unique, custom research programs catered to your specific needs. One of our primary tools is the Meta4 Insight research platform from Protobrand.

Brand Aura then analyzes and summarizes the data, and adds our own expert perspective, to help you make more informed decisions regarding brand positioning, product innovations, marketing messages, and retention programs.

Brand Aura is based in downtown Boston, but we can serve you with digital marketing services for your small business from almost anywhere. Contact us for a demo or a free, no-obligation quote


Build Smarter Products and Acquire New Customers with Emotion-Science Research

What motivates first-time buyers in your category to buy? Brand Aura research can uncover the deep emotional needs that buyers are trying to fulfill when they purchase your products. Emotions hide deep in the subconscious, we’ll help you surface them.

With this powerful insight, you can build better products and services. You can add the features, functionality, and experiences that encourage a purchase. And you can focus your marketing on the most important benefits — those that satisfy buyers’ emotional needs.


Help Customers Build a Stronger Emotional Connection to Your Brand with Emotion-Science Research

What originally motivated your customers to buy from you? Will those same motivations keep them loyal to your brand?

Brand Aura research can uncover the deep emotions that attracted customers to your brand. It can also identify what it will take to retain them. What emotional needs are they trying to fulfill now? Brand Aura research can help you surface them.

With this knowledge, you can train your sales, customer care, and marketing teams on the precise messages and experiences that will resonate with existing customers.


Improve Employee Retention, Profitability, and Growth with Emotion-Science Research

What motivates your employees? And what factors can lead them to stay with, or leave, your organization?

Brand Aura research can uncover the deep emotions that drive your employees. What do they work for? How do they get their needs met? What pushes them to keep going? What gives meaning to their life?

Employee motivations can be surprising and not what you think. To better manage your people, you need to know what makes them tick. Our emotion-science research can help.

Brand Aura has also identified 57 Retention Influence Factors across 8 categories. Our custom research can uncover which factors are most and least important for your employees. It’s part of our proprietary Cultural Retention Index.