Improve customer retention by helping customers build a stronger emotional connection to your brand. Our powerful emotion-science lays the foundation.

What motivated your customers to buy from you? Will those same motivations keep them loyal to your brand?

Brand Aura custom research can uncover the deep emotions that attracted customers to your brand. And once they’ve become customers, what will it take to retain them? What emotions drive their behavior? What needs are they trying to fulfill? Brand Aura can help you surface them.

Armed with this knowledge, you can train your sales, customer care, and marketing teams on the messages and experiences that will best connect with customers. Create inspired campaigns that reinforce core motivations. And adapt your marketing to focus on the benefits that replenish customers’ emotional needs.

How do customers feel about being your customer?

Are customers’ interactions with your brand more transactional or relational? If their purchase experience is a commonly repeated occurrence, then convenience, speed, and value may be most important. Streamlining your processes, functionality, and sales support may serve them best. Does each new purchase leave customers feeling closer to your brand or more removed?

If customers’ experience is more about service and communication after the first sale, then customer care and communications are where to focus. Do you know which emotional needs customers are trying to fulfill by staying loyal? And what are your teams doing to reinforce those needs? For both of these purchase models, Brand Aura can help you uncover customers’ deep emotional needs and the degree to which your brand is satisfying them.

What are the retention factors that influence customers to stay with or leave your brand?

What factors influence customers to commit to your brand long term? Brand Aura can help you find out. We’ll work with you to identify and categorize the 10, 20, or dozens of factors that affect whether customers are more likely to stay, or leave. With customers’ response data in hand, we can rank the factors so you know where to focus. We can also chart opposing forces to see which carry more weight. We’ll find the sweet spot of where your communications and support experience need to be in order to improve long-term retention.

By taking a deeper dive into the hidden motivations and emotional needs of your customers, you can significantly improve your opportunity to retain more of them. Brand Aura can lead you in that journey.

Learn the unique differences in emotional needs by segment.

If your customer respondent pool is large enough and diverse, Brand Aura can identify significant differences in customer behavior by segment. This will help you to know if customers’ motivations, purchase experience, and retention influence factors vary, and in which ways.

Common segments might include gender, and age range. But depending on whether your product or service is B2B or B2C, there may be numerous segments beyond those that are meaningful to your business. Brand Aura can work with you to identify the most relevant segments, both before and during the research. And we will surface any meaningful differences that may exist.

Uncover the hidden emotional drivers of customer retention, and improve multiple areas of your business.


Know which product features, functionality, design aesthetics, service components, and other aspects matter most — for each customer segment. Adapt your development process to satisfy customers’ unique emotional needs.



Adapt your pricing strategy, up-sells, cross-sells, and merchandising to match established customer preferences. Improve user experience, and on-site messaging to reinforce the emotional benefits that customers seek.



What is the ideal sales process for each segment? What should the on-boarding process be for new customers and the nurturing playbook once on board? Brand Aura can provide insights into the deep emotional needs of customers to guide your approach.



Improve user experience, product selection process, and payments processing to match the emotional needs of existing customers. Get repeat buyers through the re-ordering process faster so they can enjoy the benefits of your products.



Adapt your buyer personas, customer journey, messaging, targeting, and cadence to match customers’ emotional needs. Improve your emails, social media, on-site messaging, and online advertising to reinforce the most relevant brand attributes.



Armed with the knowledge of existing customers’ emotional needs, you can refine your brand messaging, mission statement, core values, and employee training to match those needs. You can also improve all aspects of your traditional marketing efforts.


Brand Aura Custom Research can help you retain more customers, and inspire confidence and growth.

When customer retention falls off, many parts of the business are effected

  • When customer retention falls short, it creates a negative chain of events
  • Revenue growth declines
  • Profitability declines
  • Less investment is available for other initiatives important for long-term growth
  • Company culture and confidence suffer
  • Talented people leave or are are let go
  • Customer care and customer satisfaction decline
  • Other customers may leave
  • Competitors gain market share
  • Leadership teams are under more pressure to turn things around
  • Loss of confidence and business uncertainty set in


  • Research recommendations are used to significantly increase understanding of existing customers’ emotional drivers
  • Product development teams improve product and service offerings
  • E-commerce teams improve purchasing and merchandising experience
  • Sales and customer care teams improve sales, on-boarding, and nurturing
  • Marketing teams adapt messaging and approach to match customers’ needs
  • More customers are retained and revenue growth improves
  • Company recaptures market share
  • Teams regain confidence in mission and strategy
  • Leadership teams regain confidence in their approach

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