Build smarter products and acquire new customers by uncovering the deep emotional needs of first-time buyers.
Our powerful emotion-science reveals their truth.

What motivates first-time buyers in your category to buy?

Brand Aura custom research can uncover the deep emotions that motivate your first-time buyers. What needs are they trying to fulfill when they purchase your product? Emotions hide deep in the subconscious, so they’re often unknown. We’ll help you surface them.

Once you have this powerful insight, you can use it to build better products and services. You can add the features, functionality, and experience that encourage a purchase. And you can adapt your marketing to focus on the most important benefits — those that satisfy buyers’ emotional needs.

How do your first-time buyers feel about their purchase experience?

It’s an area that’s often overlooked. Once you’ve ensured that your product or service offerings are connected to buyers’ deep emotional needs, you’ll want to look at their purchase experience.

Sometimes, the experience is what buyers seek most. Perhaps they want to feel understood, acknowledged, or affirmed. Maybe they seek to be nurtured, cared for, or pampered. In these instances, the process can be more important than the product which sits underused after being acquired. Meanwhile, buyers are on to their next purchase as a way to satisfy the same emotional needs.

For other purchases, the buying process is cumbersome and in the way. Potential customers just want it to be over quickly. They don’t want to struggle with your Web site, talk on the phone with a salesperson, or have to submit to detailed financial or other checks before being allowed to buy. Minimizing these obstacles is critical so you can get buyers more quickly to their feelings of actually having your product or service

Brand Aura custom research can uncover the deep motivations that employees seek to satisfy with your products or services, and whether the purchase experience is an enhancer or an obstacle in that journey. 

What are the conversion factors that influence your first-time buyers?

What causes first-time buyers to commit to, or abandon, their purchase of your product? Brand Aura can help you find out. For each relevant product category, we can work with you to identify and categorize the 10, 20, or dozens of factors that affect whether buyers are more likely to say “Yes” or “No” to making their first purchase with you. Once we have first-time buyers’ response data in hand, we can rank the factors so you know where to focus. We can also chart opposing forces to see which carry more weight. We’ll find the sweet spot of where your product and purchase experience needs to be in order to improve your likelihood of conversion.

No research effort or conversion model is flawless. But by taking a deeper dive into the hidden motivations and emotional needs of first-time buyers, you can significantly improve your opportunity to convert more of them. Brand Aura can lead you in that journey.

Learn the unique differences in emotional needs by segment.

If your first-time buyer respondent pool is large enough and diverse, Brand Aura can identify differences in buyer preferences and behavior by segment. This will help you to know if first-time buyers’ motivations, purchase experience, and purchase influence factors vary significantly by segment.

Common segments might include gender, and age range. But depending on whether your product or service is B2B or B2C, there may be numerous segments beyond those that are meaningful to your business. Brand Aura can work with you to identify the most relevant segments, both before and during the research. And we will surface any meaningful differences that may exist.

Uncover the hidden emotional drivers of first-time buyers, and improve multiple areas of your business.


Know which product features, functionality, design aesthetics, service components, and other aspects matter most — for each buyer segment. Adapt your development process to satisfy the unique emotional needs of each first-time buyer segment.



Adapt your pricing strategy and options to match first-time buyer segment preferences. Do younger buyers prefer a low monthly subscription price while others care about total cost of ownership? Do females want financing options while males don’t care? Get the insight to know.



What is the ideal sales process for each segment? How much education is needed? How much of that should be online content versus live or in-person? What should the on-boarding process be for new buyers? Does it vary by segment? Brand Aura can help you know.



Improve user experience, product selection process, and payments processing to match the emotional needs of first-time buyers. Get buyers to the checkout faster so they can enjoy the benefits of your products. Know how to nurture their emotional needs.



Adapt your buyer personas, customer journey, messaging, targeting, and cadence to match first-time buyers’ emotional needs. Improve your emails, social media, on-site messaging, and online advertising to expand your funnel and convert more sales.



Armed with the knowledge of first-time buyers’ emotional needs, you can improve your advertising, direct mail, events, public relations, and published content. When your message and voice resonate with buyers, you have a greater chance for success.


Brand Aura Custom Research can reduce frustration and uncertainty, and help you acquire new customers and spur growth.

When new products aren't resonating with first-time buyers, frustration and uncertainty set in

  • New product sales are falling short of expectations
  • Not enough potential buyers are expressing interest
  • Not enough first-time buyers are converting
  • Sales teams are frustrated at the difficulty involved in selling the new products
  • E-commerce and digital marketing teams are frustrated with conversion rates
  • Product teams are at a loss for why products aren’t resonating
  • Teams are losing confidence in the product innovation process
  • Competitive products are gaining new ground
  • Leadership teams feel frustrated, the right solution is unknown


  • Research recommendations are used to significantly increase understanding of first-time buyers’ emotional drivers
  • Product development teams improve features, functionality, and products
  • E-commerce teams improve the purchase experience
  • Sales and customer care teams improve the sales and on-boarding process
  • Marketing teams adapt their messaging and approach to match buyers’ needs
  • More first-time buyers are converted as new customers
  • Teams regain confidence in the product innovation process
  • Leadership regains confidence in their teams’ approach
  • Company recaptures market share and spurs new revenue growth

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