Here is an in-depth interview with Brand Aura CEO and Founder Harold Kelley on the origins of the company and Brand Aura’s marketing research capabilities.

Why is the Company Named Brand Aura?

[Length: 01:06]

  • What your brand represents;
  • What contributes to your brand’s aura;
  • How we help.

How Does Brand Aura Serve Clients?

[Length: 00:55]

  • What Brand Aura does;
  • Who we help;
  • How we help you.

Who Are The Clients That Brand Aura Serves?

[Length: 02:56]

  • Who Brand Aura serves;
  • Why you took this role;
  • 3 Big challenges business leaders face;
  • What to fix first.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

[Length: 01:30]

  • What we believe;
  • Emotional vs. logical brain;
  • Why emotions are so important;
  • Special research techniques required to gather emotions.

What Is An Emotionally Connected Culture?

[Length: 01:11]

  • Emotionally Connected Culture explained;
  • Emotionally Connected Culture — the benefits;
  • Why it’s the foundation for growth.

What Is Brand Aura’s Research Process?

[Length: 03:15]

  • What tools are used;
  • What is learned;
  • How it works;
  • The Influence Factors of Retention;
  • What is learned from the data.

How Do Emotionally Connected Products and Marketing Drive Sustained Growth?

[Length: 02:43]

  • What customers feel about your products, message, and brand;
  • How emotions impact product and brand connection;
  • What is Emotionally Connected Innovation;
  • What is Emotionally Connected Marketing.

Why Did You Start Brand Aura?

[Length: 03:00]

  • Founder background, experience, and passion;
  • Importance of culture;
  • Foundation for growth.

How Will Brand Aura’s Research Reports Help My Company?

[Length: 02:55]

  • Learning: Employee Motivation, Employee Experience, Employee Retention
  • Results by Segment: Gender, Age Range, Job Type, Personality Type;
  • Custom Research option.

Once You Have the Employee Retention Data, How Can You Use It?

[Length: 01:42]

  • Making better decisions;
  • Employee motivation;
  • Building a retention plan from actionable intelligence.

What Are the Hidden Problems Business Leaders Face?

[Length: 01:54]

  • Hidden problems;
  • Heartfelt comments;
  • Impact of your leadership team;
  • Courageous journey.

What Geographic Areas Does Brand Aura Serve?

[Length: 01:16]

  • Boston-based;
  • Global company;
  • European and Asian experience;
  • Languages to follow.

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