Emotional Research And Strategy

Emotional Research And Strategy

Customer Motivation, Experience, And Retention — Custom Research Engagement

Custom Research Engagement
Duration: 1-3 Months Depending On Client Needs

Brand Aura can perform custom research in collaboration with your team to uncover the hidden emotions that drive customers' ongoing connection with your brand. You'll gain powerful insights that enable you to make better decisions related to customers' motivations; emotional needs; feelings about your brand; and the degree to which your marketing, sales, and customer experience satisfy those emotional needs.

These efforts can improve your ability to analyze your marketing and sales messages, and customer experiences. You'll better understand if your efforts reinforce customers' original attraction to the brand, or not. You'll also learn how to market, promote, nurture, and sell to them so that customers connect with your brand at a deep emotional level.

Research assignments can be completed in 30 days for up to 250 interviews. However, there is collaborative preparation work required between Brand Aura and your team to properly frame the research effort. You should expect an engagement of perhaps 2 months, with additional time needed if there are multiple customer sets, marketing efforts, or other experiences to be assessed. You'll also want to help customize the research and fully absorb the learning, which is dependent on the availability of your team.

Basic pricing includes surveying and analyzing results for up to 250 customer interviews. Additional investment may be required if we need to recruit additional sample populations to supplement your customer segments. Contact us for a quote.

Customer research focuses on these 3 areas.


  • Metaphor elicitation technique — includes image and text analysis, and unfiltered verbatim comments — to identify customers' true, often hidden motivations;
  • Analysis and recommendations for customer marketing messaging, campaigns, and sales and service practices; 
  • Breakdown and analysis of results by segment (according to client situation and needs).


  • Metaphor elicitation technique — includes image and text analysis, and raw verbatim comments —  to identify customers' emotional experience with your brand, marketing, and sales and support teams;
  • Analysis and recommendations for marketing, sales, and support; 
  • Breakdown and analysis of results by segment (according to client situation and needs).


  • Identify key retention factors associated with customer loyalty to your brand;
  • Analysis and recommendations of customer retention scoring factors and risks; 
  • Breakdown and analysis of results by customer segment (according to client situation and needs).

A custom research engagement can help you to improve customer retention and better understand the deeply felt emotions that drive customer behavior. You'll also learn how customers feel about their experience with your brand. This powerful insight can help you to emotionally connect your  marketing and sales — a core pillar of sustained revenue growth.

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