As a business leader, the wrestling match in your own mind is sometimes the biggest challenge before you can make a difficult decision. This process is amplified when you must admit to a problem that could benefit from outside help.

Insufficient revenue growth is one of those problems. You know deep down you should be growing faster, and that you should be attracting and retaining more customers.

Employee retention is another such problem. If you’re losing talented people, particularly those you need to sustain growth, their loss can impact revenue, profitability, and morale.

In both areas, you may feel it’s your job to solve things. Seeking outside help can feel as if you’ve failed. Still worse, you may not believe outside help will turn things around. It’s a lot to tackle.

So, we’ve written a book, a short story really, that illuminates some of these real-world leadership conversations. Perhaps you’ve already had them … in your company or in your mind. Here’s a link to the book. It’s free on

Hear Their Hearts — Leadership Conversations on Growth. Transform Your Culture, Innovation & Marketing With Emotional Intelligence.

Insufficient revenue growth and employee retention problems aren’t exclusive to you. But we can help you solve them. Here are the questions we ask you to consider.

  • Are you growing as fast as you should be — by double digits or multiple double digits each year?
  • Do you know the deep emotional needs that drive the buying decisions of your customers? Do your products satisfy those needs?
  • Is employee experience in your company a competitive advantage? Or a disadvantage? Do your people work as one team, with a common set of goals? Or are they competing with each other, instead of with competitors? Do they come to work with passion?
  • Have you lost good people recently? Do you know the real reasons they’re leaving? Do you know what motivates the people you have? Do you know if they’re emotionally connected to your mission, and your company?”

We’re guessing your first reaction might be to figure this out on your own, or with your team. But you’d be doing so without the invaluable emotional insights we can provide. Insights that can help you solve these issues faster. And with more lasting results.

If you go that route, and we were to check back in 6 months, how much improvement will there be?

We offer this: You chose this role because you wanted to make a difference. You wanted to do something amazing. You wanted to improve the lives of your customers, your employees, their families, and your own.

Are you now settling for something less? Are you deciding to struggle instead of accepting the right help?

Let’s start the journey back. You’ll have support. You’ll know the right path. You’ll have confidence. You’ll grow.

It’s time to hear what’s in the hearts of your customers and your employees. And maybe, your own. It’s time for inspired action. It’s time for courage. It’s time to believe your company can do better.

We’re to help you in that effort. Here are two ways to start.

Brand Aura is a marketing research, publishing, and strategy company that helps business leaders to improve employee retention, customer acquisition, and customer retention to achieve sustained growth. Our most recent research study, Employee Retention, Motivation & Culture: The Intelligence to Build and Lead an Emotionally Connected Team, is available at Brand Aura also offers custom research and strategy engagements to assist clients.