Are they swinging toward you? Or preparing to leave? Employee retention may be the challenge that impacts your business success more than anything else.

Now, imagine having insight into the deepest thoughts and feelings of your employees. Envision a tool that shows whether they’re more likely to stay with or leave your company. How valuable is that?

Think of all the ways you could use it.

It could guide your compensation and benefits strategies because you’d know exactly what matters most to employees. You’d invest more in the things that keep people loyal and less in the benefits, or perks, that matter less.

You’d know what female employees care about vs. males. You’d also know it for age 22-34 employees vs. 35-44 vs. 45+. Extroverts vs. introverts. Engineers vs. business and finance professionals vs. sales vs. marketing. It would all be there.

You could better communicate and, if needed, strengthen the stability and security of your organization. The tool showed you these are the highest retention factors of all.

Your workplace could be modified so all employees felt more comfortable — including introverts, millennials, and women.

You’d understand better how to recognize people for their good work, and how to provide the opportunities they need for growth. You’d help your leadership team create a more positive and emotionally connected culture. Employees would be passionate about the mission and dedicated to serving the needs of customers as their highest priority.

And you’d reduce the office politics and stress that are so damaging to your culture and to your efforts to retain great people.


The good news? That tool already exists.

Brand Aura has created a proprietary Cultural Retention Index™ which does all of the above, and much more. It’s our gift to you and other business leaders who understand that in order to achieve sustained revenue growth, you need 3 things:

  • emotionally connected culture where employees work as one team, passionately committed to their mission and to each other,
  • emotionally connected innovation that builds products to satisfy customers’ deepest emotional needs, and …
  • emotionally connected marketing that resonates in the minds and hearts of customers.

That all starts with employee retention and building a stronger culture.

Brand Aura’s Cultural Retention Index™ scoring model examines 57 Retention Influence Factors across 8 categories: Stability & Security, Compensation, Workplace, Perks, Recognition, Company Leadership, Personal Role, and Relationships & Climate. The scoring is derived from 57 questions where employees record their feelings on a 1-7 scale about the factors that cause them to want to stay with or leave their present employer.

Brand Aura - Cultural Retention Index - Example Graph

From this, 3 important indicators are derived. Cultural Retention (CR) is the combined score of a person’s likelihood to stay with their company. The highest possible score is 100, and the lowest possible is -100. The CR score is calculated by adding the percentage of Strong Stay responses (6+7) minus the percent of Strong Leave (1+2). These are the most passionate responses on both ends of the scale.

Ambivalence Risk (AR) totals neutral and mid-range answers (3+4+5). Possible outcomes are from 0 to 100. The AR score represents employees who are ambivalent (not passionate in their answers), so there is greater risk (and opportunity) they can be swayed to change their opinion on any of the 57 Retention Influence factors.

Here’s an example. A combined CR 55/AR 35 score means a net 55% of employees were more likely to stay because of a particular Retention Influence Factor. But another 35% are at risk to move negative. It’s essential to work on aspects of the culture that will move employees to a more positive and committed state. By doing so, the 35% at risk could also potentially increase the CR score by that same amount.


The Cultural Retention Index™ is already a core component of Brand Aura’s research reports and methodology. Brand Aura’s recently announced groundbreaking studies on organizational culture are available in 4 versions on under the title: Employee Retention, Motivation & Culture — The Intelligence To Build And Lead An Emotionally Connected Team ©. You can find the reports here at

Brand Aura can also help you with custom research of your own employees, using our emotion-centered research methodology and proprietary Cultural Retention Index™ scoring, or custom research of your customers. We can be reached at We welcome the opportunity to help you.

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